Documentary, 52/35 minutes

Due to the growing individualization of our lives, our way of dealing with death is subject to change. This has an impact on the funeral system: More and more new providers emerge on the market and offer funeral services of the rather odd kind. But can those new forms of ceremonies satisfy our need for rituals?

In this documentary we accompany people who wish to break - away from traditional funeral ceremonies as well as those who are confronted with death day after day, like morticians, grief counselors and gravediggers.

A 2006, 52/35 minutes
Director & Writer: Martin Betz
Cinematography: Enzo Brandner
Sound: Joe Knauer, Wolfram Wuinovic
Editing: Nina Slatosch
Music: Joachim Butz
Producer: Michael Cencig
Production: Meta Film / ORF
First screening: October 30, 2007, „kreuz&quer“, 22.30, ORF 2
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