Just Living In The Past

Documentary, 30 minutes

A life without mobile phones, laptops and LCD TVs - many people would happily leave behind the blessings of our high-tech age but very few actually manage to do it. This documentary presents three such people. All have decided to live in the past - and not just for a weekend, as a bit of fun - but for their whole lives.

The aristocrat Götz Ernst Arnulf Boyneburg lives the life of an Oscar Wilde type dandy in his castle with his butler, while restaurateur Raja Schwahn-Reichmann has immersed herself in the Baroque world of Empress Maria Teresia. Singer Franz Wenzl, also known as "Austrofred", believes himself to be the reincarnation of pop icon Freddy Mercury, and is utterly convinced that he was destined to live in the 1980s. A rather strange but utterly healthy attitude to life!

Next Screening:
18. 3. 2012,
19.10 Uhr, 3sat


Making Of


A 2008, 30 minutes
Director: Martin Betz
Camera: Enzo Brandner
Sound: Josef Kernegger
Editing: Kirk Von Heflin
Production Manager: Alexander Fritz
Producer: Michael Cencig
A Co-Production of Metafilm / ORF / BR-alpha