"The seven mortal sins":


Documentary by Martin Betz
25 minutes

The courage to climb in high altitudes allows an approach to the topic of pride. In the focus of this documentary are two men who report on self-estimation and imprudence in the mountains. For the extreme mountaineer Hans Kammerlander, the calculated risk is part of his daily discipline.
The other man, the hobby mountaineer Thomas Milnik, has risked his life several times by pushing his limits quite deliberately. The film follows a strange story when he was stuck five icy days and nights on a small rock outcrop on Germany’s highest mountain and his sayings that he didn’t really want to be rescued.
Nowhere else does the “mortal sin of pride” lead so directly to a fall as it does in mountaineering.


Next TV screening:
13. 5. 2012,
02.35 Uhr, 3sat

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  Making Of

Diagonale, Graz (A) 2005
Mountain Film Festival Tegernsee (D) 2005
Mountain Film Festival Graz (A) 2005
Mountain Film Days Going (A) 2006
Mountain Film Open Air Böhlitz (D) 2006
Bergsichten Dresden (D) 2006
Kendal Mountain Film Festival (GB) 2008
Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (GB) 2009

A 2004, Digi-Beta, 25 min.

Writer & Director: Martin Betz
Cinematography: Enzo Brandner, Franz Riess
Sound: Hans Schranz, Wolfram Wuinovic
Editing: Nina Slatosch
Music: Gerrit Wunder
Producer: Michael Cencig

“Pride“ was part of the TV series „The seven mortal sins“, a cooperation of the Vienna Film Academy with the Austrian
Broadcasting Corporation (ORF / Dept. Religion).
Production: Metafilm / ORF
First screening: November 23rd, 2004, „kreuz&quer“, ORF 2